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Dubstep Diaries complies with European legislation on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regard to the protection of personal data, as well as with regard to information and protection.

Dubstep Diaries uses cookie technology to know which way you have arrived on its site, to analyze how and how often the different pages of the site are displayed via Google Analytics, but also to be able to adapt the site to different wishes and user needs.

Dubstep Diaries does not use this technology to store or transmit information about its users to third parties. As a result, no private or personal information will be kept and or used. We also wish to inform you that you can prevent or restrict the use of cookies via your browser settings on your computer or mobile.

Any visitor to our website can leave us a message using the contact form. This form is received by internal email and will be processed by a member of our team. We keep the information communicated in this context only the time necessary for the proper processing of the request and this data is not subject to any other processing, except in the case of acceptance of the user for a use explicitly chosen by the user.

The data is hosted on Belgian territory.