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We are a Belgian and independant label. We focus on highlighting growing talents that produce high quality Bass Music. Especially Dubstep, Drumstep, Riddim, Hybrid and Bass. We are born in January 2014 with the idea to share Dubstep music all over the world.

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We focus on quality and not over quantity. Music is something you have to feel, to be inspired of and make you fly to another world. It’s not something that can be done easily if you want it to be special and if you want people remember it. This is why we release one track per month and let as much time as our producers needs to create to have an original and exclusive track coming directly from the depths of hell. (Yeah, we are not promoting big room or deep house, right?)

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We like getting reviews or feeback about what we do whether it’s positive, negative or critical. Because it’s motivating and we can even more learn everyday about how to share the best underground music while helping our talend producers to grow. 

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Growing as we try to do wouldn’t be possible without help. This is why we have partners for multiple sides of the organisation. We want to put highlight on them to thank them to help us constantly since the beginning.